So.. I’m fairly new to driving, so I get confused and sort of lost easily.. I mean, I’m not really lost, because I always know how to get home, I usually just end up taking a longer way home, but yeah I’ll have a mini freak out and be like OMG IDK WHERE I’M GOING WHAT AM I DOING OKAY THAT LOOKS FAMILIAR OKAY I KNOW HOW TO GET HOME FROM HERE OH LOOK I’M HOME NOW IT JUST TOOK LIKE FIFTY YEARS.. but yeah idk. 

\but yeah.. I know a few people in my first class. Taylor, and Abby (though I don’t think either of them recognized me idk but they didn’t acknowledge me) and then there’s Kaydee.. umm yeah just not going to go there.. this other chick looked familiar but idk her name or anything and then there was Blake. I could work with that, but he sits allll the way across the room and we never really had a full length conversation in the past and stuff like that and yeah and stuff and ugh but whatever. 

New topic. I have a friend and SHE’S A FREAKING DISNEY PRINCESS IN WALT DISNEY WORLD AND SHE GET’S TO BE ARIEL (MY FAVORITE PRINCESS SINCE FOREVER WHEN I WAS BORN) AND RAPUNZEL. She’s so freaking gorgeous and from the pictures of her, living her dream, it seems like she’s really loving everything that she’s getting to do and I’m really happy for her. She’s one of those people, you know? Those truly kind people. Everything about her is just happiness and kindness and always has been! She’s a kind soul. And she’s so lucky! Karma is definitely working in her favor! :)

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Posted on Monday, 27 August
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